The PROFESSIONAL Linux desktop solution

Welcome to the MODICIA O.S.


We make the difference. MODICIA O.S. It is really built and supported by a specialized company and is really used for work and education by almost 2,000 students and graphic professionals. MODICIA O.S. it is not meant to be one of the many unused distros on a virtual machine where the libraries or the desktop rely on the sympathy of thought. It is not a game or even a personal experiment, it is a complete operating system for productive work. Tested on over 300 workstations in use every day. We resolve any bugs discovered within the day. We really use it in all our workstations and make it freely usable to those who want a complete and efficient digital workstation that can be used to produce.

modicia os professionale user

A very fast operating system, optimized for maximum RAM and CPU memory. Modern interface, complete, fast and attractive. It takes 450 Mb of RAM for the GUI and the effects, leaving the resources for the applications free. Installed or live you will have a professional multimedia studio with you. Nothing you will find installed in MODICIA O.S. it is to be configured. Only truly productive professional software at the highest levels.


An operating system ready to use for every field, amateur or professional. Graphic, video, audio or office at the highest levels of free software, interactive menus with search style Win, Mac and Linux, desktop search, samba, etc. It’s optimized in every aspect, ready with recovery tool or automatic PC optimization, all graphically without using the terminal. The software has been chosen with the help and advice of the best professionals, videomakers, photographers, disc jockeys and professional offices.


Desktop Ultimate, assistance and technical support for professionals users.




We have installed 271 operating systems. For a total of 2.4O0 students

From 2016 to today we have installed 271 operating systems “MODICIA O.S. Didattico” and “MODICIA O.S. Ultimate Desktop”.
Four different scholastic institutes located in Italy and Switzerland speaking Italian, English, Spanish and German.
For a total of 2.4O0 students of primary schools and high schools who use Linux in the school environment.

Update Shotcut new version 18.11.18 on MODICIA O.S. “light”

Typethe commands below one at a time and press enter

  1. sudo  rm /opt/app/Shotcut.AppImage
  2. sudo  su
  3. mv  Shotcut.AppImage /opt/app
  4. cd  /opt/app
  5. chmod 777 Shotcut.AppImage

Have fun.