The professional Linux desktop solution

Welcome to the MODICIA O.S.


A very fast operating system, optimized for maximum RAM and CPU memory. Modern interface, complete, fast and attractive. It takes 450 Mb of RAM for the GUI and the effects, leaving the resources for the applications free. Installed or live you will have a professional multimedia studio with you. Nothing you will find installed in MODICIA O.S. it is to be configured. Only truly productive professional software at the highest levels.


An operating system ready to use for every field, amateur or professional. Graphic, video, audio or office at the highest levels of free software, interactive menus with search style Win, Mac and Linux, desktop search, samba, etc. It’s optimized in every aspect, ready with recovery tool or automatic PC optimization, all graphically without using the terminal. The software has been chosen with the help and advice of the best professionals, videomakers, photographers, disc jockeys and professional offices.


The point release of MODICIA O.S. 18.05 LTS is now available for download.

MODICIA O.S. 18.05 LTS is now available for download.

  • (2018.08.10) Distribution Release

The point release of MODICIA O.S. 18.05 LTS is now available for download. The various bug-fixes have been corrected, all the security applications and patches have been updated. Added a new PPA for Wine HQ, Testdisk, S-tui, NetHogs, Open DVD and new wallpaper. All updates released are now included in this new ISO.


How to install MODICIA O.S. Ultimate Desktop on your hard disk with the Ubiquity installer.

Come installare MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate sul disco rigido con l’installatore Ubiquity.

Cómo instalar MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate en su disco duro con el instalador de Ubiquity.

Como instalar o MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate no seu disco rígido com o instalador Ubiquity.

Wie installiere ich MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate auf Ihrer Festplatte mit dem Ubiquity Installer.

Comment installer MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate sur votre disque dur avec le programme d’installation d’Ubiquity.

Restore the skin VLC of MODICIA after updating.

Open the terminal and paste the following commands one at a time.

  1. ” sudo su “
  2. ” cd /usr/share/vlc/skins2 “
  3. ” rm -r default.vlt “
  4. ” wget https://www.modiciaos.cloud/default.vlt
  5. ” exit “