Seamonkey Mail

Why as a mail client we have chosen among many other Seamonkey Mail?

Simple, Seamonkey is light and at the same time really complete, it has everything you need without adding or using other additional programs. Seamonkey Mail is provided with a complete address book, interfacing with any mail proofer. It is one of the very few programs that allows you to synchronize and directly read certified mail and documents with encrypted digital signature.

How to configure Seamonkey Mail Client in MODICIA O.S. for account, Live, Outlook and Gmail.

Parameters for Gmail accounts.

Parameters for Live and Outlook accounts.

As many of you will know, especially those who have a company or VAT number as a freelancer, the certified mail (PEC) has replaced the official communications of the state and takes the place of the registered letter with return receipt. the certified mail, digitally signed and encrypted is not readable by any mail client, but provides for the use of special programs such as DIKE which you spoke in the previous article. For users of MODICIA O.S. there is good news, Seamonkey mail if connected to your certified inbox allows you to read and save the message with all the attachments in a decrypted format without adding anything and no external program.


Author: MODICIA O.S.