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Why don’t you use Linux?

1) I’ve never seen a Linux system run 100% immediately without configuring everything for days.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

2) I do not access the folder shared by a PC with Windows without having to search and install a thousand plugs that must also be configured.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

3) If I commit myself to use it for work, who guarantees me in six months the project will not be abandoned for lack of time, developers or economic funds?
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

4) The computer with all its software is nothing more than a tool created to simplify the work of people, so why should I know how an electric toothbrush works to brush my teeth?
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

5) Linux has been designed for use by technicians and programmers.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

6) What do you find when you want to do professional graphics processing? CAD? Video? Audio?
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

7) How can I collaborate on the job if others use Microsoft’s Office and I can’t open the files correctly?
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

8) If I have problems, who can offer me assistance immediately and quickly? I certainly can’t rely on a user form.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

9) I absolutely need to use native programs for windows and if I don’t download, I install and configure wine don’t work.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!

10) All the big software houses only create deb packages that work only on Ubuntu and other distributions don’t work.
You have never used MODICIA O.S.!


Our ISO is updated immediately every time a bug is detected and has been corrected. Before being distributed, the new ISO by MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate is tested for two months on the 16 tester workstations of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company. After this period, it is distributed and tested every day on 163 workstations divided between primary, secondary and tertiary education schools and other educational institutions, together with many other multimedia professionals and administrative offices for customers of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company for another 30 day. Only after these tests will our ISO be made public for download.

We have installed 1.775 operating systems

MODICIA O.S. sustains and supports educational institutions with the installation and use education of the GNU / Linux operating system.
From 2016 to today we have installed 1.775 operating systems “MODICIA O.S. Didattico” and “MODICIA O.S. “Desktop Ultimate”, six different scholastic institutes located in Italy and Switzerland speaking Italian, English, Spanish and German. For a total of 2.480 students of primary schools and high schools who use Linux in the school environment.

MODICIA O.S. ” Desktop Ultimate” is in use with satisfaction at over 65 locations in various professional offices  by many professional photographic studios operating in Wedding, Fashion and sports services: LUCE COLORE (IT), STUDIO BIANCO & NERO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (CH), INDUSTRIEFOTOGRAF STEFAN (CH), PHOTOS ET VIDEOS LUNAS (CH), IMMAGINARTE (IT), ART AND PHOTO (IT), ALIPRANDI FOTO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (IT), FOTOBOVEZZO (IT), CENTRO SPOSI LUDUVICI (IT), CONTROLUCE DI SALVO F. (IT), SARNIA FOTOGRAFI (IT).


We believe in Open Source. We believe that Linux can and should be simple to use. We believe that Linux can be beautiful and professional. We believe that Linux is in competition with any operating system for any use. We only use Linux in our professional studios since 1998. We only sell and install Linux in our computers. We are committed to spread the use of Linux in schools and professional offices. We think we are ready to provide an operating system, beautiful, powerful, easy and complete to the Open Source community, for this reason we have released MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate with GPLv3 license. We not only believe it, we do it really since 1998!


1) Continuous development without interruption since 1998. 

2) is developed and managed by a company specialized in creating Linux operating systems for its customers. 

3) The distribution is tested and currently used on over 1,750 computers in use at various educational institutions and professional offices. 

4) Everything is already configured and tested by professionals who use it every day. 

5) Any problem or question can have a simple answer in the numerous forums dedicated to Ubuntu because MODICIA O.S. it is based on the LTS versions. 

6) Constantly improving hardware support and configurations as it is installed on many types of computers. 

7) The Open Source version released under the GPLv3 license is managed by a team of 10 developers personally involved in the development that offer their work for free in recognition of the Open Source community that allowed to create this project in 1998. 

8) Professional graphics have created interface and themes making it a beautiful system to use and see, fast and powerful.  

9) Features that you will find only in OS MODICIA, like Winene HQ, Samba, Rsync all codecs and plugins already installed, configured and ready to ‘ use. 

10) This system is not a test or a personal game in a virtual machine, it is a system used every day for many years in schools and professionals who want to produce immediately.


Something new, beautiful, neat, clean, consistent in graphics and use with a fast reactivity without freezes.

Ready to use for any field, amateur or professional. Graphic, video, audio,  3D, CAD or office at the highest levels.

A complete office suite with a modern style, document reader and PDF, address book, mail reader, composer, text editor.