Configuration and options of the Dock bar

The Dock bar can be configured completely by going over the bar icons with the mouse and by pressing the Ctrl key, click with the right mouse button. The toolbar configuration menu will appear.



Formatting USB devices or memory cards, sharing text, files and entire folders on the network.

Simple, intuitive and effective formatter of  usb devices or memory cards with choice of device name and system files. Sharing text, files and entire folders in the network between PC, smartphone and tablet Linux, Win, MAC, Android and iOS.


Free and complete data recovery tool with a graphical interface.

Data recovery tool and partitions lost for any eventuality even from external disks, memory cards and usb key.Istantanea_2018-07-04_20-03-44


Total PC control from the terminal.

You can have total control of the distribution through a graphical interface without using the term. But it is always possible to switch to total control from the terminal, MODICIA OS does not exclude any possibility for users, you can use the graphical interface with dedicated graphic tools or take control from the terminal and command line. Everything is clear and under your control.