This is produced by XnView MP, RawTherapee and GIMP on MODICIA OS 18.

The power of free software is second to none if you can control and optimize it.


This video 4K was created with Kdenlive and HandBrake on MODICIA OS 18.

The power of free software is second to none if you can control and optimize it.

MODICIA O.S. 18 LTS has been released on 1th June 2018 .


  • The operating system is optimized for heavy use of RAW graphics, 4k professional videos and audio processing programs.
  • Wine is pre-installed and configured to version 3.8 automatically updated by dedicated PPA.
  • Samba is already configured and active at boot with the “Public” folder sharing on the network.
  • Activated by default the Turbo Boost of the processors.
  • Reduced the swappinnes to 10%.
  • Programs are cautioned in ram with an opening speed increased by 25%.
  • The data scanned and read in the ram are compressed to avoid using the swap and have a 20% higher speed.
  • The application’s Launcher is already ready just pressing Alt + Space. It’s an application used to easily launch any program, file, location etc; on your machine. With the simple press of a user set hotkey, a small box will pop up on your screen to which you can enter what it is you’re looking for, and launch it quickly.
  • All the audio and video codecs are installed and ready to use.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, optimization and control of system resources with the possibility to participate directly: it is entrusted to the specialized graphic tool, which can be executed with a click.

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We want to thank all the supporters of the new operating sistem for the interest and for their really support: installing and using the operating system, making free reviews and reporting improvements to be made to the next releases and reporting the present bugs.
The success has been beyond all our expectations: this comforts us and encourages us to continue. That means that the concept and use of this distribution has been implemented by who really use it for work and not simply suche as an alternative distribution to be installed on a virtual machine only to make the umpteenth debate of bookstores, desktpo or wallpaper.
A special thanks to Jesse Smith from

We have a dream

Since 1998 we have been using Linux for work and we have done a job of this: we are a group of programmers, web designers, photographers, architects, chemists, accountants, video operators and advertisers who support, use and disseminate linux in public administrations, private companies, schools and users. In 2017 we installed and used Linux in one of the most important and ancient school of Brescia (more than 500 pupils), where the children from primary schools to high school, work and learn every day with Linux. This one and many other successes in diffusion of Linux operating system have convinced us to take our custom distribution, that we use for everyday work  and distribute it under the GPL3 license: we think that it could be used to all professionals and offices that still have doubts about Linux, demonstrating that already others are using and even they can do it without being computer scientists or penguin fans informed about al ternative free to effectively replace their proprietary software. We have set up an operating system with all the equipment ready to be productive in the field of work, all using software that we really use, putting effort and free working hours outside of our work and without compensation for the cause in which we believe, the free software that can be used free of charge by everyone.
And we made it.

Thank you all

Being born recently, even if on a solid basis such as Xubuntu to which we have made profound modifications of optimization for a specific use, we are working compatibly with the available time to develop a user guide and a user manual of the operating system. In the meantime we will be available on this blog to clarify every aspect of the use of MODICIA O.S., using configurations and use. We appreciate every sensible proposal that helps us to improve our work and every bug report to which we will try to remedy it as soon as possible. Thank you all for the welcome received and for the thousands of offers and encouragement received and a special thanks to Jesse Smith from that taking into consideration the request to evaluate us: she gaves us the possibility to be useful to the world of free software to spread l, use and knowledge as much as possible among professionals young people who still believe it isn’t possible to use Linux instead of a proprietary operating system to create something really professional.